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About Us


    Foam Works®  was established because of the demand of efficiency in the world today. We wanted to provide a local insulation service that could help fulfill the need for efficiency in both new construction and existing homes.

    In early 2013, owner Dann VanDyke was seeking out Spray Foam services for an addition on his home. Dann found that if he wanted Spray Foam that he would need to outsource from surrounding large cities. Dann felt that there should be a local provider that would have local credibility.

    After purchasing equipment and going through extensive training, Foam Works®, Mason Counties first Spray Foam provider was formed.  Roger Paul the Ops Manager was employed by the VanDyke's at the time and took on managing the company. Soon after it's start, Foam Works®  inquired another local insulation company, R-Factor. R-Factor had been around since the turn of the century and was a very well renowned insulation provider. The new team members with over 40 years combined experience, were a great complement to Foam Works® and brought on a lot additional knowledge and experience.

    Since that time we have provided insulation services for over a 1000 projects in our local area and have left 0 customers unsatisfied. The Foam Works® team loves their work, takes great pride in what they do, and it shows. 


  • Residential & Commercial Insulation Specialists
  • Licensed & Insured
  • New Construction & Remodels

Cellulose - Loose Fill & Damp Spray

  •  Cellulose is a great performer in comparison to other traditional types of insulation as it does not lose nearly the R-Value other traditional insulation's do when protecting against large temperature differentials (70° inside/ 20° outside).

Spray Foam Insulation - Closed Cell (R-6.8/in) & Open Cell (R-3.9/in)

  • Spray Foam is by far the best performing insulation provided today.
  • ​​1.5” of Closed Cell Foam produces an air barrier as well as a vapor barrier (This is a huge).
  • We can completely fill in stud cavities and shave flat or apply just enough to reach your desired R-Value.
  • Foam Works® will protect all windows, doors, fixtures, and everything else necessary with plastic to avoid any unwanted over-spray.

​Our Products

  •  LAPOLLA Premium FOAM-LOK FL2000 4G Closed Cell Spray Foam:

  • LAPOLLA Premium FOAM-LOK FL500 Open Cell Spray Foam:

  • ADVANCED FIBER TECHNOLOGIES Performance Treated Cellulose:


Please contact us today for a free quote.  We can quote off of prints or visit your job-site. We can do in-home insulation evaluations.