Dann Van Dyke started Foam Works as an off-shoot of our Cottage Works business based on client demand.

  • Residential & Commercial Insulation Specialists
  • Licensed & Insured
  • New Construction & Remodels

Cellulose - Attic Fill & Wet Spray
Spray Foam Insulation - 
Closed Cell (R-7/in) & Open Cell (R-3.7/in)

  • ​​Applying 1.5” of Closed Cell Foam produces an air barrier as well as a vapor barrier.
  • We can completely fill in stud cavities and shave flat or apply just enough to reach your desired R-value.
  • We insulate gaps around your windows & doors & will trim our foam applications so that your drywall subs can start right after we leave.
  • Foam Works will protect all windows, doors and fixtures already set in place with plastic to avoid any overspray. 
  • We take pride in the work we do and make sure the jobsite is clean when we leave.
  • We offer blow-in insulation as well.  One subcontractor contact for all your insulation needs.
  • We use Premium Foamsulate 220 for Closed Cell:


  • We use Premium Foamsulate 50 for Open Cell:


Please contact us today for a quote.  We can quote off of your prints or visit your jobsite to give you a quote.  


  • There is a $1500 minimum charge for any job.
  • We cannot spray walls without removing drywall.
  • Your crawl space needs to be at least 2 blocks tall to work in.
  • An attic needs to be big enough to  get into or we must remove drywall.

For more information on Cottage Works dba Foam Works, please review our website:

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